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The ADD Centre &
The Biofeedback Institute of Toronto

At the ADD Centre and Biofeedback Institute of Toronto we have been working with clients to optimize performance using Brain Training for over 25 years.

Our research-based training programs are customized for each client and can target improvements in:​
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  • Attention

  • Anxiety

  • Memory

  • Learning

  • Post-Concussion Symptoms

  • Social Skills

  • Motor Tics

  • Seizure Disorders

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Programs are carefully tailored to the individual and are highly effective for children and adults. Research completed at the ADD Centre has demonstrated significantly improved scores on IQ tests, Academic Testing, Attention Testing and Neurocognitive Testing (subtests include Executive function, Memory, Social Acuity, Processing Speed, and Attention).

Dr. Thompson has been an invited presenter world-wide.  

Here is a clip of Dr. Thompson on TVO on The Agenda with Steve Paiken:


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We are currently one of the largest centres in Canada using EEG Biofeedback for ADD & ADHD.  Although clients include University professors, professionals, and senior executives who come to optimize performance it also works with patients in the treatment of epilepsy, Asperger's Syndrome, learning disabilities, Tourette's syndrome, closed head injury, autism, mood disorders, tension, and anxiety. The approach is one of education, training, and learning.

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Call or email us to book your free phone consultation to find out how neurofeedback can benefit you or your child. 

CONTACT Information

The ADD Centre & The Biofeedback Institute of Toronto

Head Office:

50 Village Centre Place, Mississauga, ON

Suite 200

L4Z 1V9

Tel: 905-803-8066

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BCIA Board Certified In Biofeedback Gold
Cogmed Qualified Practice
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