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Brain Training:

Brain Training Biofeedback Neurofeedback ADD ADHD Concentration Focus Mental Clarity

Completing the ADD Centre Brain Training Program results in:

  • Sharper Focus

  • Improved Attention

  • Improved Stress Management

  • Reduced Anxiety 

  • Increased Calm

  • Better Self-Regulation Skills


Brain Training, also called Neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback, uses your brain’s ability to learn and adapt to improve brain function. This exercise for the brain uses a computer to give immediate feedback of your mental state and it results in positive changes due to neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change with new learning.  

To achieve improved brain performance small sensors are placed on the top of the head and on each ear.  These electrodes measure brainwave activity and relay the information back through a computer.  The client knows instantly if they are “in the zone”, showing a healthy brainwave pattern associated with calm focus. A trainer sits with them as a coach, providing strategies that promote staying in the zone. Eventually they learn to produce that mental state of calm focus in everyday life and become more effective at school or work, in social interactions and in sports.   

When the brainwave patterns shift into a CALM, FOCUSED, RELAXED state, then the computer feedback facilitates maintaining that state, and the brain begins to learn. 

Here is a sample feedback screen, the BOWLING SCREEN:

When the client feels calm, focused and mentally relaxed the bowling ball moves down the alley and gets a strike! 

Neurofeedback Biofeedback Game ADD ADHD Self-Regulation Stress Management

Here is another example: SAILBOAT RACE SCREEN:

The AIM is to get the Green Boat to win! This is done without using a keyboard or mouse – only your brain! 

Sailboat Game Biofeedback Neurofeedback Calm Relaxation Breathing Heart Rate Variability ADD ADHD

The Green boat will move ahead only when the client is calm, focused and mentally relaxed.  The Green boat is competing against Inattention/Daydreaming (yellow boat) and anxiety and worry (pink boat).  The client can use their breathing and heart rate at the bottom to help them win the race.  Learning to achieve greater heart rate variability (breathing and heart rate in sync) improves stress management and helps increase calm, alert brainwave patterns.


Self-regulation skills are better predictors of success in life than intelligence. Neurofeedback is a well-researched method that improves self-regulation of attention and emotions. Better self-regulation skills lead to improved performance in athletics, studying and employment.   

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